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Ontario, Canada

About the Dale Property

The Dale Property was acquired on June 1, 2012 by ground staking (Ontario Gazette) after the Algoma-Talisman’s appeal failed in December 2010, reverting several townships back to the crown. Due to the history of the land tenure, Dale Township was privately held and unavailable for conventional staking and prospecting.

The area was staked due to its structural and regional relationships with other gold occurrences and an anomalous gold in till, down ice glacial outwash leading back to the Dale Stock. Other anomalous gold in glacial till outwash lead back to historic gold mines supporting the potential of undiscovered gold potential in the Dale Stock.

The Dale Township itself was first acquired by Algoma-Talisman as part of the Algoma Eastern Railway. Prior to the Dale and other townships reverting to the Crown. Placer Dome Canada Limited (PDCL) completed the most extensive exploration program in Dale Township to date, which included an airborne magnetic-electromagnetic (EM) survey, followed with a ground campaign.

The 2019 Induced Polarization intermediate gradient survey completed within the shoreline of Horwood Lake, over the ice, corresponds very well with PDCL weak EM anomalies.

Since acquiring the Dale Property, the claim holders were prospecting on a limited budget, for short periods of time, taking samples from prospective locations distant from each site, of which on every occasion, assays returned anomalous to highly anomalous gold.

Recent ground truthing of 4 of 21 of the strongest induced polarization intermediate gradient survey anomalies have returned >0.5 to 4 g/t Au, taken from the first available mineralized outcrop to the anomalous IP anomaly. The location of the 4 g/t sample has been measured to approximately 10 meters in width with an undetermined strike length. In the same location numerous similar mineralized rocks, from an apparent close source, in an up-ice direction suggest an undiscovered auriferous zone. A duplicate till sample taken by the claim holders 10 meters from a highly anomalous gold in till sample taken by Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) regional till sampling program in the 1980s, resulted in increasing the gold grains from 42 (OGS sample) to 114 gold grains (Overburden Drilling Management). 95% of the gold grains in this sample were pristine to modified suggesting a local source from within the Dale Stock.


2021 Dale Gold Property Phase I Exploration Program Highlights in Ontario

The Company has made all payments required to satisfy the existing agreement on the Dale Property until December 31, 2022 and, following the completion of its Phase 1 Exploration Program, Element79 Gold has increased the size of its existing 1,735 hectare property by staking an additional 245.5 hectares directly adjacent to the Western and North-Western borders of its existing claims, bringing the total land package to 1,980.5 hectares.

Following up on the high-resolution data obtained from the drone-based magnetic survey completed by Element79 Gold in 2021, Element79 Gold has completed its Phase 1 Exploration Program, consisting of trenching, channel sampling, prospecting, mapping and soil sampling following up on historic prospecting by the vendors of the property which has yielded up to 3.82 g/t gold, including several highly anomalous samples grading greater than 0.1 g/t gold, with assay results pending. The mineralization present on the Dale property is associated with zones of strong silicification and disseminated pyrite, which the Company believes are prospective for bulk tonnage style gold mineralization. The Company intends to pursue the Phase 2 work program (including 1,500m of diamond drilling) as recommended within the 43-101 Technical Report following favourable results from Phase 1.(1)

The Dale Property is a highly prospective early-stage gold project located in the Swazye greenstone belt, which is turn is part of the Abitibi Subprovince which hosts some of the world's largest gold deposits, e.g. the Timmins camp which has produced over 70 million ounces of gold (Figure 1). The Swazye greenstone belt is best known for hosting IamGold's Côté Lake deposit which contains 10.2 million ounces Measured and Indicated and 3.8 million ounces Inferred(2), and is located 50 km southeast of the Dale Property (Figure 1). The Côté Lake project received a Positive Construction Decision in July 2020(3) and plans to achieve commercial production in 2023.


Figure 1. Simplified Regional Geology of the Dale Project Area, showing nearby significant deposits and producing mines.(4)

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